October 2009:
Not only is October the spookiest month of the year,
it’s also National Book Month. We celebrate by spotlighting a scary new book of true ghost stories.

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Spotlight: Prepare to be scared...
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Montana ChillersSpotlight
Prepare to be scared...

Take a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of Ellen Baumler’s newly released, much-anticipated book of 13 true ghost stories for kids ages 9-12. Read chapter 1...

Click here to download chapter 1

...for more spooky tales, pick up your copy of Montana Chillers at local bookstores or from Farcountry Press at www.FarcountryPress.com.


Featured Author
Sarah Carter, author of Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One’s Own.

Favorite place to buy books:
Westlands Books in Cochrane, Alberta—the longest-running independent bookstore in Alberta. Great collection of western history and fiction.

Favorite quote:
“...we must not preserve our history as a museum: rather we must study it critically, without illusions, and see what lessons we can draw from it in today's battlefield of the future and the present.”
—Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Petals of Blood

What would you be doing if you weren’t a historian and professor?
Perhaps something with plants and flowers: a gardener/horticulturalist.

Win Stuff!
Congratulations to Kathy Fisher of Clancy, Montana, winner of last month’s drawing. Kathy’s prize of choice is Fly Fishing Montana’s Missouri River by Trapper Badovinac.

Enter our October drawing to win the book of your choice from www.farcountrypress.com. Just email your name and mailing address to [email protected] by October 21, and we’ll enter your name in our monthly drawing. Be sure to type “October drawing” in the subject line.
A few nice examples of books you could win!

Robert’s Sketchbook
Illustrator Robert Rath shares a recent drawing from his sketchbook.

Rob's drawing of a pheasant and leaves in autumn colors

To view the work of illustrator Robert Rath, visit his website at www.robertrath.net.

Check out his latest books, Bug Feats of Montana and Yellowstone’s Hot Legends and Cool Myths.

Chrysti the Wordsmith
Radio host and author Chrysti the Wordsmith shares the origins of a tasty term.

Circa 1890, at a soda fountain in Wisconsin, a young boy asked for a dish of ice cream topped with the flavored syrup normally reserved for ice cream sodas. Within months, this novel concoction became a local favorite. Soda fountain owner George Giffy began selling this treat for a nickel on Sundays to attract a larger Sabbath crowd. It worked. Soon Mr. Giffy was making money on this recipe.

Many etymologists think it was he who originally titled it the ice cream sundae, after the day on which it was served. Why the word is spelled with an –ae on the end rather than an –ay is a mystery. The word may originally have been spelled Sunday and later been altered out of respect for the Sabbath day.

From Verbivore’s Feast: A Banquet of Word and Phrase Origins by Chrysti the Wordsmith. Also available is Verbivore’s Feast, Second Course: More Word and Phrase Origins.

Chrysti the Wordsmith is produced at KGLT-FM on the campus of Montana State University and is heard on Yellowstone Public Radio, Montana Public Radio, and Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.

Cromwell Dixon Gets His Day

September 30 has been named Cromwell Dixon Day in Helena, Montana, after the young aviator and inventor.

Ninety-eight years ago this week, Dixon arrived in Helena for the 1911 Montana State Fair. At the age of 19, he was considered the youngest licensed aviator in the country.

Cromwell DixonLooking to make a name for himself, the teenager was also considered one of the most daring pilots of his day. During the Montana State Fair, Dixon was quick to answer a challenge fronted by Louis Hill, Lewis Penwell, and John Ringling, who offered a $10,000 prize to any aviator who could fly over the Continental Divide.

Just three days later, on his first flight at the Interstate Fair in Spokane, the young Dixon crashed during takeoff and was crushed by his plane.

Last week, PBS also announced it will research an aviation artifact believed to have come from Dixon’s plane for its “History Detectives” series.

Read Article

More on Cromwell Dixon: A Boy and His Plane

Official Website


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Anita FasbenderNAME: Anita Fasbender
JOB TITLE: Interim Publisher
DID YOU KNOW: Anita is a certified scuba diver, and she enjoys warm tropical vacations in the winter.

The Buzz Header
New Releases
Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings
by Ellen Baumler

Montana Chillers
New Distributed Titles
Gingerbread from the Heart

by Janice K. Mineer
illustrations by Misty Z. Danyo
Published by Blue Meadow Books

The Big Bucky Badger Mystery

by Chris Newbold
illustrations by Robert Rath

Yes, I Remember Well—A Montana Christmas, When I was a Little Girl

by Harriet S. Dusenberry
published by DruAnn Robidou

September Bestsellers

1. Born Wild in Yellowstone
    and Grand Teton
    National Parks

2. Montana Chillers:
    13 True Tales of
    Ghosts and Hauntings

3. Who Pooped in the Park?
    Yellowstone National Park

4. Colorado Wild and Beautiful
5. Montana Women
    Homesteaders: A Field
    of One’s Own

Onscreen with Tom Cruise
Look for Boston Impressions by Richard Nowitz to appear in the background of a scene in an upcoming Tom Cruise movie. The currently unnamed film is referred to as “Untitled Wichita Project” and “details the wild ride of a small-town woman who meets her
‘dream man’ in a chance encounter—only to discover that he is a spy, forcing her to become a lethal operative herself in order to stay alive.”

Boston Impressions

In the News
Montana State of the Arts calls Montana Unforgettable by Chuck Haney and John Lambing “stunning,” adding that “familiar scenes bathed in golden light from the setting sun, water that seems to move on the page, and a cowboy in mid-gallop are just some of the images that set this book apart.”

Montana State of the Arts calls Yellowstone’s Hot Legends and Cool Myths a “cleverly organized graphic novel...reminiscent of classic comic books...a great book. [Robert Rath’s] illustrations are as amusing as they are enthralling.”

Event Calendar
Book Signings
October 9
Western History Association

Sarah Carter signs Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One’s Own.

October 6, noon
Miles Community College
Miles City, MT

Ellen Baumler reads from Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings.

October 8, noon
Great Falls YWCA Luncheon
Great Falls, MT

Ellen Baumler reads from Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings.

October 13, 6 pm
Lincoln County Public Library
Libby, MT

Ellen Baumler reads from Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings.

October 15, 11 am - 2 pm
Thomas Books, 209 N 29th
Billings, MT

Janice Mineer signs Gingerbread from the Heart.

October 22-24
Montana Festival of the Book
Holiday Inn Downtown
Missoula, MT

Featured authors include: Deborah Richie Oberbillig (Bug Feats of Montana), Ellen Baumler (Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings), and Robert Rath (Yellowstone’s Hot Legends and Cool Myths).

October 24, 1:30 pm
Roseaurs Supermarket
2350 South Reserve St
Missoula, MT

Ellen Baumler and illustrator Robert Rath sign Montana Chillers: 13 True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings.

October 9, 5 - 7 pm
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point University Store - Dreyfus University Center
1015 Reserve Street
Stevens Point, WI

Nancy Schumm-Burgess signs Wisconsin Barns.
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