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Unsolicited submissions of photography will not be accepted and will not be returned. Please contact us (see contact information at the bottom of this page) for information on upcoming photography book projects.

Thank you for your interest in submitting photography to Farcountry Press. Because we receive materials from so many photographers and/or their agents, Farcountry Press does not acknowledge as binding the terms of submittal forms simply by virtue of their accompanying work. We do acknowledge receipt of your materials with our own written notice. Following are the terms according to which Farcountry Press accepts photography and artwork for review and publication.

Our photography books utilize images from one to three primary photographers.

Payment is individually negotiated with photographers for each book.

We prefer working with medium and large format (2-1/4, 4x5, etc.) for the large format coffee table type books, we will also work with high-quality 35mm. Original transparencies must be supplied at time of publication. Likewise we do not accept dupes unless originals can be supplied at time of publication. Each transparency submitted must be identified with your name and address on the mount along with caption information. Digital images must be accompanied by a caption sheet. Expanded subject descriptions are encouraged. Please specify on the mount if your work has a model release. As regards any recognizable likeness of any person, you must obtain from each such person a model release and deliver the release to us prior to publication. If your work is not fully releasable, please do not submit it for editing.

Package slides in individual protectors and then insert into plastic sleeves.

Please capture camera RAW, at least 12 bit native files (higher preferred), 350 ppi at least or higher, formatted for Macs. If you did not capture in RAW, please provide us a TIFF. Use Adobe RGB (1998) color space. All images should be flattened, no channels or layers. Do not use compression and save at the highest-possible quality setting. Do not interpolate (upsizing) or sharpen images. Information, watermarks and/or type should never appear directly on the images. Include with your submission a “quick view” — either a contact sheet(s) or a folder with low-resolution files for quick editing.

Copyright and caption data entered in the appropriate IPTC fields. Image file names contain photographers name, e.g., STSmith3945.tif. Use file names that include 1) the name or initials of the photographer 2) location, and 3) a unique photo ID number (example: Jones_Beijing_004697.tif). Please send a separate caption sheet that identifies the images and corresponds with the image file names.

350 ppi preferred, minimum 300 ppi, at 9 1/2” x 8 1/2”. Crop images and remove all dust, spots and scratches before saving to disk. Do not sharpen images. Information, watermarks and/or type should never appear directly on the images.

While we understand that great photos can be taken of captive animals, Farcountry Press has chosen to only publish photos of wildlife taken in the wild. We will identify and caption these photos specifying that they were all taken in a natural environment.

We credit the photographer at or near the reproduction of his/her work in our books. The credit used is the name and style on the photo mount or file. Occasionally, design requires that photo credits be placed in a separate listing keyed to page number and location of the photograph. The photographer acknowledges by submitting the work that he/she is the legal holder of its copyright. Photographers have legal protection against unauthorized use without requiring the publisher to affix the © (copyright) notice next to each credit. Farcountry Press will not make additional payment for mistakenly identified photographs.

Farcountry Press, unless otherwise stated in writing, obtains publication rights for the first printing and future reprints at the time of payment. The photographer acknowledges that photographs submitted in response to a query from Farcountry Press are for consideration only. We acknowledge receipt of your materials with a written notice for count only, not for condition. We do not pay research or holding fees. We check closely for damage only when a photograph is selected for publication. At that time we will remove the protective cover of the photograph and report to the photographer any damage or defects that are detected. We do not pay any fees for opening a mount if the image is subsequently removed from the book. After your work is returned to us from the color separator, we again examine each transparency closely before returning it to you.

Farcountry Press agrees not to photostat, project, photocopy, or otherwise reproduce transparencies submitted for publication. However, transparencies selected for use will be scanned, remaining in their protective sleeves, for layout purposes only (FPO) and printer’s instructions, and photocopied for record keeping. All high resolution scans are made and retained at printer. Our policy is to return published photographs within one month of receiving materials from the printer. Outtakes will be returned as soon as practical after editing.

While on the Farcountry Press premises, the photography will receive careful professional handling and storage, and will be suitably packed for shipping to outside vendors required in production, including color separator and printer. Farcountry Press shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the photography while it is at the color separator or printer, or in transit. Photographer will incur costs of insurance to cover loss or damage of photography during production off the Farcountry Press premises or while in transit. No guarantee against damage will be made for transparencies not submitted in individual protective sleeves. In the event of damage caused by fire, flood, or other catastrophe, Farcountry Press is liable for submitted materials for a value not to exceed the amount payable to us under any insurance carried by Farcountry Press covering liability for such loss or damage. If images are lost or damaged while in transit from Farcountry Press to its printer, color separator, or other service provider or their agents or while in their possession, Farcountry Press will make a good-faith effort to negotiate with the responsible party a settlement in the photographer’s favor.

Any dispute in connection with this agreement including its validity, interpretation, performance or breach shall be arbitrated in Helena, Montana according to the laws of Montana.

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