Fly Fishing Montana's Missouri River

by Trapper Badovinac

photography by Trapper Badovinac

  • River-guide Trapper Badovinac casts a savory tale, sharing his wisdom, wit, and knowledge about every riffle, island, backwater, and productive spot in the 35 miles of Missouri River north of Helena, Montana's capital city.

    Kick back and enjoy your own personal river guide for four-season fly fishing on the blue-ribbon water that is home to tens of thousands of fish. Fully illustrated with detailed maps, beautiful photography, and recipes for tying effective flies, this book holds all you need to know about this prime stretch of the Missouri River that calls to fly fishers all around the nation.

120 pages, 9 1/2'' x 9'', 100 color photos, 18 hardcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1-56037-249-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-56037-249-3





Fly Fishing Montana's Missouri River

Fly Fishing Montana's Missouri River align=

Trapper Badovinac align= Trapper Badovinac started fishing around the age of four or five with his father and grandfather and has loved the sport ever since. He is a commercial photographer and fishing guide. He lives near Helena, Montana.

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