Verbivore's Feast, Second Course
More Word & Phrase Origins

by Chrysti Mueller Smith

published by Farcountry Press

  • After spending some time out of print, Verbivore's Feast, Second Course is now available as an ebook!

    In this companion edition to her popular Verbivore's Feast, Chrysti the Wordsmith, host of the much-loved radio show of the same name, once again examines the evolution and history of the English language, using the odd expressions and cliches that pepper it.

    Exploring words such as lollygag and quack, and phrases ranging from break a leg to shake a stick and from adam's apple to trip the light fantastic, Chrysti the Wordsmith uncovers the fascinating stories about their origins.

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    Did you know?
  • The phrase doubting Thomas originated with the apostle Thomas, who had not seen Jesus Christ's resurrection and wanted proof.
  • The term mumbo jumbo was the Anglicization of the name of a spirit-god of the Mandingo tribe in western Africa.
  • The word hobnob was first seen in Shakespeare's 1600 play Twelfth Night.

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Verbivore's Feast, Second Course
More Word & Phrase Origins

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Chrysti Mueller Smith align= Chrysti M. Smith is host of the radio series "Chrysti the Wordsmith," produced at KGLT-FM on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman and also heard on Yellowstone Public Radio in Billings, Montana, on Montana Public Radio in Missoula, Montana, and worldwide on Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. Smith lives in Belgrade, Montana.

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