Bug Feats of Montana

by Deborah Richie Oberbillig

illustrations by Robert Rath

published by Farcountry Press

  • Get the buzz on bugs!

    Are you ready to meet the fastest flyers, the loudest buzzers, and the sneakiest ambushers in Montana? Author and biologist Deborah Richie Oberbillig introduces you to forty of Montana's most mind-boggling bugs and their incredible feats.

    You'll meet:
    -A giant bug that attacks fish and frogs, injecting its digestive juices then sucking out the liquefied organs!
    -A bug that has antifreeze in its blood, allowing it to live on the snow in winter!
    -A bug that lives inside a home made of spit?!
    -And many more!

    Robert Rath's beautiful color illustrations bring these amazing creatures to life.

48 pages, 8 1/2'' x 11'', 8 color photos, 114 illustrations, 50 softcovers per case, Smythe-sewn

ISBN 10: 1560374446
ISBN 13: 9781560374442


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Bug Feats of Montana

Bug Feats of Montana align=

Deborah Richie Oberbillig align= Deborah Richie Oberbillig (Marina Richie) writes about the natural world from her home in Bend, Oregon. She has a graduate degree in journalism from the University of Montana and an undergraduate degree in biology form University of Oregon. She is also the author of Bird Feats of Montana. Please visit her blog and learn more about her published work at www.marinarichie.com.
 align= Robert Rath is an illustrator, designer, and author with dozens of books to his credit. Although he has worked with Scholastic Books, Lucasfilm, The History Channel, Carus Publishing, and many other magazines, book publishers, and universities, his favorite project is keeping up with his family.

Praise for Bug Feats of Montana:

Bug Feats of Montana was chosen by the Montana State Library as the single book representing Montana at the 2009 National Book Festival in Washington, D. C.!

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