A Photographic Journey

by Steve Mohlenkamp

photography by Steve Mohlenkamp

published by Farcountry Press

  • Highlighting Denver's most celebrated attractions, skyline, and natural scenery in vibrant color, this book proudly showcases what makes the Mile High City so special. Jam-packed with informative text and 94 full-color photographs that feature elegant shots of Union Station, Fisher Tower, the Denver Mint, Red Rocks Amphitheater and more, it's the perfect memento to celebrate your favorite city or vacation destination. Denver: A Photographic Journey is a beautiful portrait of a fabulous place.

9 1/8, 92 color photos

ISBN 10: 1560376694
ISBN 13: 9781560376699

APRIL 2018


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A Photographic Journey

Denver's backyard is the mighty and lofty Rocky Mountains, and in late September, Colorado's aspen trees transform into mountainsides of yellow, sprinkled with the occasional red. The weather balances to warm days and cool nights, and it's the penultimate time of year to take in Denver's glorious backdrop. Beautiful mountain vistas seem to go on endlessly, and a labyrinth of backcountry roads lets you explore for days - but stay in reach of Denver for a well-earned post-adventure dinner.
-from page 54

Rock stars and performers the world over are beckoned to Denver to perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Red Rocks Park. On a starry night, with the perfect natural acoustics in this pocket of red sandstone on the flanks of the Rocky Mountains, listening to your favorite performer is mesmerizing. And for something a little more "starry" and laid-back, weekly movie nights, called Film on the Rocks, are held all summer long at the amphitheater. Come early for your show and explore the diverse environment of the park, rich with wildlife, geological wonders, and stunning vistas. Dinosaur tracks cover the slanted rock plates that uplifted millions of years ago, and the red of late daylight bathes the scene with a Mars-like glow.
-from page 45

The United States started minting coins with The Coinage Act of 1792, which also established the United States Mint. Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and the newest Mint, West Point, are the four remaining coin-producing facilities. Together they kicked out over 16 billion coins for circulation in 2016. The Denver Mint, just off downtown on Colfax Avenue, struck its first coin early in 1906, and today, is the single largest producer of coins in the world. Take one of the fascinating daily tours in this beautiful Italian Renaissance-style building, and you'll never look at a penny on the ground quite the same.
-from page 30

There is an old saying out here in the West: “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” and that just might be why we remember Margaret Tobin Brown as being unsinkable - that and because she survived the Titanic, of course. Claiming to be a daughter of adventure, her free spirit and philanthropy won her popular acclaim in the early 1900s. Denver is proud of Molly Brown's legacy, and has enshrined her memory in history at 1340 Pennsylvania Street where she lived from 1894, when the Browns bought the eclectic house, until her death in October 1932. The Molly Brown House Museum is steeped in Denver history. In 1902, the house served as the governor's mansion for the governor of Colorado while the official governor's mansion was undergoing remodeling.
-from page 23

Steve Mohlenkamp align= Steve Mohlenkamp is a self-taught commercial photographer of over thirty years, based in Denver, Colorado, with a passion for capturing his own spirit of the West. When he was six years old his parents took him on a trip west from his Illinois farm home, where he spent all of his money on postcards - never sending any to anyone - keeping them for himself to look at over and over. The blazing light and color on the canyons and mountains were simply too overwhelming to ever forget! Decades later, as a photographer, Steve was beckoned west for good, and he now knows just how much of an influence that trip and those postcards really were. Steve has called Denver home now for twenty-five years.

His work has appeared in countless publications in many countries, and his commercially created images for business and advertising meet the toughest demands of his clients. Steve's "Whispers of the West" landscape art is displayed in many corporate and private collections. His imagery has been used by such entities as: Cowboys and Indians magazine, Phillip Morris Europe, Car & Driver magazine, Shell Oil, General Motors, Nikon USA, NBC television, Farcountry Press, the Discovery Channel, the National Park Service, and Paramount Pictures, to name just a few. Steve considers the world his studio, and the most exciting shot has always been, the next one!

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