Railroads of Colorado
Your Guide to Colorado's Historic Trains and Railway Sites

by Claude Wiatrowski

  • Hop aboard and learn about Colorado's fascinating railroad lines, towns, and unique characters that created Colorado's rich railroad history in Claude Wiatrowski's Railroads of Colorado: Your Guide to Colorado's Historic Trains and Railway Sites. With a focus on the historical significance of each line, Railroads of Colorado features more than 160 black-and-white and color photos-from the towns and stunning scenery that created the backdrop for these trains to the locomotives themselves. A map that lists each and every railroad line, past and present, allows readers to see the network of lines and how each line served its own purpose. And with information-packed sidebars throughout the book, Railroads of Colorado provides many facts that every history buff will enjoy. Referred to as the definitive guide to Colorado's railroads by many, train enthusiasts and historians alike will cherish this informative and historical book.

160 pages, 8 1/2, 27 b/w photos, 137 color photos, 1 map(s), index, appendix, 16 hardcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1-56037-529-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-56037-529-6

May 2012





Railroads of Colorado
Your Guide to Colorado's Historic Trains and Railway Sites

Railroads of Colorado align=

Claude Wiatrowski align= Claude Wiatrowski has written or provided photos for several books on Colorado history. An avid railroad enthusiast, he has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and is interested in all aspects of the history of technology. In addition to writing books, Dr. Wiatrowski produces videos on historic railroads. His productions have won him Telly and Teddy awards and one was selected by the Library of Congress Local Legacies Program.

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