Lewis & Clark Coloring Book

by Adam Brooks

illustrations by Ted Rechlin

published by Farcountry Press

  • Grab your colored pencils or crayons and color one of American History's greatest adventures with Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea and the Corps of Discovery. Featuring the art of Ted Rechlin (Jurassic, Sharks, Montana Coloring Book), the Lewis and Clark Coloring Book is an educational comic-book-to-color coloring adventure that allows you to lend your creative talents to the expedition's amazing journey across the vast North American continent.

    From the muddy waters of the Missouri River to the pristine beaches of the Pacific Northwest - and back again - learn how President Jefferson's exploratory mission led to new scientific discoveries, thrilling adventures, friendships with local tribes, and battles against the wild elements and rugged terrain.

    With rich, educational text provided by Adam Brooks, this well-researched and beautifully drawn paperback is a graphic novel for the ages! The Lewis and Clark Coloring Book features the new-found wilderness, wildlife, peoples, plants, and historic moments that made this expedition such an extraordinary episode in American history.

64 pages, 8 1/2, paperback

ISBN 10: 1560377135
ISBN 13: 9781560377139

MARCH 2018


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Lewis & Clark Coloring Book

Lewis & Clark Coloring Book align=

Adam Brooks align= Adam has been involved in several Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation chapters, recently serving on the board of the Gates of the Mountains chapter. When in Helena, he can be found hanging out at Farcountry Press, standing waist-deep fly-fishing in a river, or visiting his friend Will. Adam splits his time between Montana and another state which Lewis & Clark did not visit. He has a degree in American History.
 align= Illustrator Ted Rechlin has been drawing pictures and telling stories since he was three years old. While his drawings have gotten much better, his stories haven't really changed much. They're still about superheroes, bears, wolves, sharks, monsters, and lots of dinosaurs. Ted feels very fortunate to live a life where he now gets paid to draw his pictures and tell his stories. He has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies like DC Comics and Dover Publications. With four of his own educational children's books and previous two coloring books available from Farcountry Press, Ted is excited about his newest release, the epic history of the Lewis and Clark Coloring Book.

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