Plan B
There's a Time in Everyone's Life When Tomorrow Becomes Real

by Nadin Garcia

published by Nadin Garcia

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Take it from Nadin Garcia: Plan A might just be the worst path to take. If Plan A has led you to a dark place, like it did for Garcia, you will find inspiration in Garcia's new book, Plan B. Garcia broke free of his cycle of crimes and prison stays by changing his mindset, and you can too. Plan B will help you understand how you got here and inspire you to take responsibility for your past and future. With Garcia's wisdom, find your way free of the self-destructive patterns in your life.

56 pages, 6'' x 9'', 176 softcovers per case, perfect bound

ISBN 10: 1591521629
ISBN 13: 9781591526124


Shouting at the Sky





Plan B
There's a Time in Everyone's Life When Tomorrow Becomes Real

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Nadin Garcia align= Nadin Garcia was born and raised Yonkers, New York, and had a very difficult childhood. Drugs and incarceration became his life, and it seemed that they would become his future, too. However, Nadin learned from his tribulations and gained the strength to adopt a new mindset. With this new mindset and a lot of hard work, Nadin is proud to say that he has left his old life behind. Today he devotes himself to providing advice and motivation to others trapped in the cycle of self-destruction. Nadin feels that helping others to change their lives is a gift and a privilege.

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