Stained Echoes
Tales of the Mysterious and the Macabre

by Jon Ring

illustrations by Vinessa Sanford

published by Sweetgrass Books

  • Stories woven with mystery, tragedy, and horror wait just beyond this cover...

    The frights and terror continue in this follow up to author Jon Ring's first book of short stories, The Dreadful Call.

    A Victorian mansion from Montana’s gilded age holds more than heirlooms in its halls for the new owners... A fur trapper trespasses on lands better left alone... Roman soldiers discovers a threat that even their combined strength may not be able to overcome... Lost and adrift, a castaway and his companion fight to survive their ordeal... A tour of a ghost town discloses a horrible history that may not yet be finished… Within these pages are thirteen stories of mysterious happenings, tragic circumstances, and macabre deeds. Each tale transports readers to realms beyond the scope of reason, where everything and anything is possible. The journey may leave you breathless, but the destination will truly terrify you...

428 pages, 6 x 9 , Perfect Bound

ISBN 10: 1591523093
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-309-3


    - Continued short stories following from the "The Dreadful Call."

    - By local author of Helena, Montana, and business owner of White Knight Games & Hobbies!

The Dreadful Call





Stained Echoes
Tales of the Mysterious and the Macabre

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Jon Ring lives in Helena, Montana, with his wife Honey, and his three sons, Jack, Henry, and Wyatt, along with various pets his family forces him to abide with. He is owner of the White Knight Games & Hobbies with his brother Joel Ring and can be found regularly there even in his off time, rolling dice and recreating historical battles with miniature armies. And he reads, a lot.

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