The Glorious Pursuit of Unbridled Determination

by Mark Smith

photography by Mark Smith

published by Mark Smith

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • The Osprey―Pandion haliaetus―is also known as the Fish Hawk, but that simple label does not do this magnificent bird justice. The Osprey is a master angler whose fish catching skills are unparalleled. There is no other living creature on this planet that comes hurtling out of the sky at speeds exceeding fifty miles an hour, dives feet first into the water, and somehow resurfaces with a fish clutched tightly in its talons. A true apex predator in a league of its own, being on top presents its own unique set of challenges that must be faced and overcome on a daily basis.

160 pages, 12, Hardback

ISBN 10: 1591522978
ISBN 13: 9781591522973

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The Glorious Pursuit of Unbridled Determination

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Mark Smith is an award-winning professional photographer and videographer who loves weaving the perfect blend of still imagery, descriptive text, and video into an engaging story that not only teaches the fine art of photography but also instills the value of animal conservation in his audience. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 7.5 million, times and his work has been published in both print and television media.

Born and raised in the state of Florida, Mark spent most of his childhood outside observing the wonders of nature that call Florida home. From a very young age he learned to equally respect and appreciate all animals.

His enthusiasm for the natural world is infectious, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge about wildlife and cameras with others through social media or his hands on photography workshops that span the globe. When hes not outside photographing wildlife, he loves to read, compose music, paint and watch movies with his family.

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