My Own True Story

by Donald James Malcolm

published by Donald James Malcolm

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • The true story of a rescued kitten in the Italian countryside!

    An abandoned baby kitten found whimpering in a countryside ditch in a perilous state, Tiramisù was a special gift to his adoptive family. He never took a break from generously pouring out is affection and love. His was a lesson in what a blessing it is to give with no strings attached Love prevailed in spite of the many moments of having to say, “Tiramisù, what are you up to now? You are a little rascal.”

    Yet, he was a most lovable scamp. To Tiramisù there was never too much love and affection, and he knew exactly how to get it. Yes, Tiramisù was quite a cat!!! As so often happens in life, that which seems scomodo (inconvenient, uncomfortable, or troublesome) turns out to be a blessing, which, in this case brought lots of joy and patience and a good dose of laughs.

    Let your imagination soar as Tiramisù shares his tale as only he can tell it, both funny and sobering. This is a true story—not a bale—of a life lived to its fullest with its ups and downs, blessings, and troubles.

80 pages, 7 x 10, 44 color photos, 36 hardcovers per case

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ISBN 13: 9781591522966






My Own True Story

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Donald James Malcolm align= DONALD JAMES MALCOLM was raised on a ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana, near Yellowstone National Park. He often rode his horse to the one-room school house, or forded the Yellowstone River to catch a bus. For his college studies he went to Southern California and received his BA degree at Biola University, and some years later did a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

His life calling was a mission to see transformed lives among the needy and the hurting whether it was U.S. colleges, Mexican villages, remote areas in Malawi, the 38 years living in Italy, and the challenges of Afghanistan where he designed and created “The Garden of Peace and Hope” in Kabul dedicated to young artists and musicians. With his wife, Laura, they also continue a partnering mission of humanitarian help to the poor and the abused of India.

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