One Night in a Bad Inn
A True Story

by Christy Leskovar

published by Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, Inc.

  • "I started reading it at eleven o'clock one night and didn't put it down until four in the morning!" A 2007 High Plains Book Award finalist, ONE NIGHT IN A BAD INN is the fascinating true story of two colorful families who lived through extraordinary times. Rich in history and character, this remarkable saga follows a notorious Welsh matriarch, two daring fugitives, a heroic Irish doughboy, and a beautiful, inspiring lady as they overcome scandal, war, murder, and mayhem on the parched plains of eastern Montana, in the raucous mining town of Butte, and on the bloody battlefields of the First World War. It is a great read through which the reader learns intriguing history through the lives of very intriguing people who happen to be the author’s ancestors. Pictures and maps are exclusive to the print edition. A dramatis personae is at the author’s web site.

604 pages, 6 x 9, 20 softcovers per case, softcover

ISBN 10: 1575101424
ISBN 13: 9781575101422






One Night in a Bad Inn
A True Story

One Night in a Bad Inn align=

Christy Leskovar align= Christy Leskovar was born in Butte, Montana, and grew up in Kennewick, Washington. She graduated from Seattle University with degrees in mechanical engineering and French, and then joined Bechtel Corporation in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where she worked on the design of nuclear power plants. After stints in Kansas, Barcelona, and San Francisco, Christy transferred to an assignment in Las Vegas.

It was during a visit to her hometown that she learned the shocking news about her great-grandmother having been arrested for murder in 1913.

Christy left her engineering career set on discovering what happened, and to write a book about her discoveries. Her original goal was to write one book about all four grandparents. As she began to pursue the story, she quickly discovered that there was far too much for one book. Now there are three. Christy Leskovar’s books are true stories, non-fiction based on her own family.

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