Hugs and Kisses and Such

by Dana Meldrum

illustrations by Matty Meldrum

published by Dana Meldrum

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Matty is a little girl who wakes up one day with a really big question: “How much do you love me?”

    Join her as she goes about her day asking her mother, father, dog, and cat this very important question and learns about what it means to feel love with all the “Hugs and Kisses and Such.”

    • A sweet story about a child wanting to understand the concept of love.

    • Illustrations are charming and quirky

    • Author and illustrator are mother-and-daughter team.

16 pages, 7” x 10

ISBN 10: 1591522900
ISBN 13: 9781591522904

April 2021





Hugs and Kisses and Such

Hugs and Kisses and Such align=

Dana Meldrum  align= High School Counselor Dana Meldrum has always wanted to write a book based on the quotes she collected in her daughter’s baby book. She says, “ I have always been inspired by love, acts of love, stories of love, and feelings of love. When my oldest, Matty, repeatedly asked about love, I began putting quotes in her baby book. As an aspiring author, I finally decided to put love into action. I have always lived under the premise that if used correctly, LOVE is the most important word, feeling, and action. It is a premise that our household has always lived under, and one that I hope my girls never forget. Living in the beauty of Montana and finding joy in being a school counselor, I am forever grateful in the world I live in. Find grace, be grateful, and love with your whole heart.”

The illustrations in this book, created by the now teenage Matty Meldrum, are representations of her childhood artwork.

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