Hiking America's Wilderness
Six Hundred Destinations in the Natural World

by Stephen Brumbach

published by Stephen Brumbach

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • The best nature experiences the United States has to offer can be found within its millions of acres of untouched lands—our country's federally designated wilderness areas. In this lavishly illustrated volume, life-long hiker Stephen Brumbach shares his experiences through his photographs and prose, presenting these 600 hikes in detail, offering ratings on a one-to-five scale using aesthetics and points of interest as metrics.

    Because Brumbach has ventured into each of these 600 unspoiled areas, his accounts offer an immediacy and intimacy not found in other guides. His recounting of visits ranges from the Arctic Circle, to the rugged Rocky Mountains, to the deserts of the Southwest. In every description, he offers an up-close look at uncharted territory.

    This book is a must-read for anyone hoping to experience the vast beauty of the wilds of nature—perfect for planning your explorations or enjoying from the comfort of home.

    • Color photography
    • Honest and forthright opinions on each hike
    • Starred rating system
    • Informative rundowns of each wilderness area

320 pages, 12 x 9, 223 color photos, 6 softcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1591522722
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-272-0





Hiking America's Wilderness
Six Hundred Destinations in the Natural World

Hiking America's Wilderness align=

Stephen Brumbach align= Stephen Brumbach was born in rural Pennsylvania in 1944. Access to the outdoors was easy. Behind his house was an old apple orchard overrun with weeds, vines, and bushes. Close by were tracts of forest, farm fields, and cultivated orchards. Steve loved being out and seeing the natural world just out his back door, yet he always looked for the most quiet remote spots. This inclination persists to this day.

Young adulthood was focused on college and graduate school. His nose was forever in a book or in a laboratory, and there was little time for outdoor activities. After earning a PhD in chemistry, his early jobs near big cities provided few opportunities for outdoor explorations, but that changed in 1979 when he landed a new job in Idaho. His new coworkers were enthusiastic hikers, climbers and skiers. Nearby destinations included wilderness areas in the Teton, Wind River, Sawtooth, Gros Ventre Absaroka, Beartooth and Uinta Mountains. Visiting these areas convinced Steve that if one really wanted to experience the best nature has to offer, wilderness areas were the place to go.

After twenty years doing research in the National Laboratory system and nearly ten years teaching at Western Wyoming Community College, Steve mostly retired in 2004 to become a full-time hiker. So far, he has hiked in a little more than 600 wilderness areas including 446 out of 447 areas managed by the US Forest Service and 57 out of the 61 areas managed by the National Park Service.

Steve currently lives in Green River, Wyoming. He still hikes, but more slowly, and with a lot less agility.

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