East of the East Side

by Christy Leskovar

  • A Slovenian peasant boy leaves his family’s farm. A dashing, Austrian musician performs for Kings and Queens in the great capitals of Europe. A tall, handsome young man finds himself stuck behind enemy lines when Austria and France go to war in 1914. A refugee lands at Ellis Island with only five francs in his pocket. A car painter becomes Butte, Montana’s Edsel dealer in the 1950’s. What could they all have in common? They are all the same man, the author’s grandfather.

    A prominent businessman in Butte, Montana with a colorful past. Add in a Viennese kitchen maid who received funds from a mysterious benefactor and headed to America, a scrappy gold prospector who faces off with one of the most powerful men in Montana, and a young girl raised in a wild west saloon, and this true family tale is riveting.

    This saga will strike a chord with readers. Brimming with excitement and drama, it is especially poignant for the connections it draws to the history and locales of so many impactful historic events.

464 pages, 6x9, Hard Cover

ISBN 10: 1-59152-285-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-285-0


  • Dust Jacket
  • Mystery
  • Intrigue
  • Historical insights
  • Riveting





East of the East Side

East of the East Side align=

Christy Leskovar align= Christy Leskovar was born in Butte, Montana and grew up in Kennewick, Washington. She graduated from Seattle University with degrees in mechanical engineering and French, and then joined Bechtelin Gaithersburg, Maryland, where she worked on the design of nuclear power plants. After stints in Kansas, Barcelona and San Francisco, Christy transferred to an assigment in Las Vegas.

It was during a visit to her hometown that she learned the shocking news about her great-grandmother having been arrested for murder in 1913.

Christy left her engineering career set on discovering what happened, and to write a book about her discoveries. Her original intention was to write one book about all four grandparents. As she began to pursue the story, she quickly discovered that there was far too much for one book. Now there are three.

Christy Leskovar’s books are true stories, based on her own family, non-fiction.

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