Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure

by Sara Owen
and Rachel Renne and Heidi Anderson
and Terri Moore

illustrations by Rachel Renne and Heidi Anderson
and Terri Moore

published by Sara Owen

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • When Seth Walker went fishing with his dad, he never dreamed it would lead to the adventure of a lifetime. But after he caught a very large stick (instead of the biggest fish of his life), Seth learned that there's more to the river than meets the human eye. Seth befriends Mattie the mayfly and takes a tour of the river from a bug's perspective. He meets strange aquatic invertebrates he never in his wildest dreams imagined existed: a water penny, a wise roundworm, and even an underwater bear! When Seth and Mattie get separated, Seth has to rely on a few newfound aquatic friends and a lot of perseverance to find his way back home and avoid falling victim to hungry predators along the way.

    Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure is a giant, underwater escapade that offers readers 8-12 a close-up view of the river's smallest inhabitants, and even includes an illustrated glossary featuring the book's Cast of Characters. Throughout his thrilling and educational tour of the river's ecosystem, Seth encounters the unknown and unexpected with a courage, enthusiasm, and wonder that will inspire other young explorers en route to their next great discovery!

128 pages, 6 x 9, 28 illustrations, perfect-bound

ISBN 10: 1591522366
ISBN 13: 9781591522362






Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure

Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure align=

Sara Owen grew up canoeing beneath the towering bluffs of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, skipping rocks across the quiet pools of the river while taking lunch breaks on the gravel bars. In college, she studied the aquatic macroinvertebrate communities of the Buffalo River, which served as the inspiration for Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure. Sara can't believe she's lucky enough to be a field ecologist (her dream job!), where she still finds herself flipping over rocks in streams and rivers to see who's living under them

Rachel Renne lives in Missoula, Montana, but grew up exploring the forests and creeks of southwest Florida while serving as official bug ambassador for her three sisters. On hot days, they would spend hours in the creek behind their house, digging alien-looking creatures out of the mud. In college, Rachel studied entomology and fit as many bugs as she could into the illustrations for a book about the Charlotte Harbor Watershed. It was a thrill to co-illustrate Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure, where invertebrates are the stars!

Although Heidi Anderson spent much of her childhood catching tadpoles and tromping around the lush creeks of Western Oregon, it took many years and several college degrees for her to fully appreciate the incredible diversity of life that lies, often unseen, just beneath the water's surface. She is excited to be part of a project that combines her passions for drawing and stream ecology, and that brings the hidden world of freshwater insects to life. These days, she can be found floating, hiking, and working in and around the streams and rivers of Western Montana.

Terri Moore lives in Dardanelle, Arkansas. She has been happily married since 2001 and has four amazing children, three dogs, and one cat. She loves hiking, mountain biking, remodeling houses, reading, and all things art. She is thankful for all the blessings in her life and is astounded by God's goodness on a daily basis.

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