Laugh Kills Lonesome
And Other Poems

by Mike Logan

illustrations by Mike Korn

published by Buglin' Bull Press

  • Laugh Kills Lonesome is the follow-up to Mike Logan's first book of cowboy poetry, Bronc to Breakfast, and it's no accident that both share titles with legendary works of Western art from the great Charlie Russell.  Like Charlie, Logan finds his inspiration in the cattlemen of Montana and the West.  His poem, “Laugh Kills Lonesome”, is a fitting tribute to the work of art and captures the spirit of Russell himself.  What follows it is a collection of well-crafted, emotionally honest poems that demonstrate Mike Logan's "uncanny knack for capturing historical facts, embellished with just the right pinch of drama and/or myth, in a way that permits us, a century later, to ride through the picture, Lonesome Dove style!"

79 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, 23 illustrations, Perfect Bound

ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 9781560440567


    "To be a top hand in the poetry world, a writer must be a keen observer, a clever wordsmith, and a technical master of meter and rhyme.  He must polish his work until it shines.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge had it, Robert Service had it, S. Omar Barker had it, and contemporary cowboy poet Mike Logan most certainly has it.  Mike's work is an example that all aspiring poets should follow.  His ability is such that few others can match him."

    - Darrell Arnold, Editor/Publisher, Cowboy Magazine





Laugh Kills Lonesome
And Other Poems

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Veteran photographer and cowboy poet Mike Logan's lifelong interest in ranch life has spurred him to capture his observations on film and in verse. Mike grew up in Kansas but adopted Montana as his home state in 1968 and remains there today. A high school teacher for 25 years, Mike retired in 1991. A passion for trout fishing led him to a new career as a wildlife photographer; a companion career writing cowboy poetry evolved soon after. Mike's keen insight and expansive western spirit have won him national acclaim, both as a featured poet and emcee at The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, and as a guest on John Denver's 1991 "Montana Christmas Skies" television special. Author of numerous books and recognized in 2006 as the Will Rogers Male Cowboy Poet of the Year, Mike has appeared on TV and traveled the country sharing his enthusiasm and creative interpretations of life in the West. His words and photographs have also been published in numerous books, magazines, and calendars.  After more than fifty years in the Treasure State, the southeast Kansas native still tells his two sons, Mark and Sean, that he envies them growing up in Montana.

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