A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good
The Ministry of Being a Wife

by Lydia A. McDonald

published by Lydia A. McDonald

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • There is nothing more powerful than love, and there is nothing more devastating than love that does not live up to the expectation that you and your beloved intended. We are educated, trained, mentored and evaluated to develop and gauge ability for most meaningful things in life, except the only thing that God created, instructed, and ordained with a covenant—marriage.
    While there are plenty of books that speak to the spiritual aspect of marriage and even more secular books that deal with the marital relationship, I have yet to come across any that marry the two. A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good will take the things you see every day in your closet and give you the revelation of what they represent in the spirit. The knowledge and insight you gain in this book will inspire you to build your relationship with your husband, or soon to be husband, from the inside out and leave you both looking as good as you feel from the outside in. Wherever you are in your journey as a wife, this book is meant to empower and encourage you, making sure that the first thing that will look good will be you in your Mind, Body and Spirit! Everything that pertains to you matters to God, especially your covenant relationship with your husband, and I am excited to give you the tools the Lord gave me to heal, repair, mend, and make whole your marriage as you read A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good.

112 pages, 6 x 9, 5 b/w photos, 16 color photos, glossary, 76 softcovers per case, Perfect Bound

ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 9781591522225


    A book speaking to the spiritual aspect of marriage and the marital relationship.

    • Contains bonus hip-hop album featuring music by the author’s son
    • Offers “power-tool” discussion-points at the end of each chapter
    • Features testimonial from real couples





A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good
The Ministry of Being a Wife

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A native of Newport News, Virginia, Lydia McDonald earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampton University. Lydia is an ROTC graduate and a former U.S. Army captain.

Lydia has been a churchgoer for over sixty years. She sits in the pews with other talented people and is confident that, even without holding an official position, you can still positively influence your fellow worshippers.

Lydia and her husband, Allen, dress up for church, letting the outfit speak and prophesy, showing people that there is a language in dressing well. As Lydia walks down the corridors and aisles of the church, she realizes that dressing up is a way of prophesying. It is a way of speaking in a language that embodies the teachings of the church.

Through the years, Lydia has grown to spiritual maturity and feels that it is time to help young women reach their full potential. She believes that because of what has been deposited in her, it is time to expose the next generation to what she knows. A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good is her debut book. Fulfilling the anointing as a woman of strong faith, Lydia was inspired to write A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good because of biblical instructions found in the verses of Titus 2:1-5 (To be a teacher of good things).

Lydia and Allen have lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1996. 

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