T. rex Generations

by Ted Rechlin

illustrations by Ted Rechlin

published by Rextooth Studios

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Cobalt the Tyrannosaurus rex returns in new release, T. rex Generations.

    Rextooth Studios' Ted Rechlin welcomes readers of all ages to the fun and dangerous world of the Mesozoic era. Previously, in Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rextooth Studios, 2016), dinosaur and graphic novel lovers were introduced to Cobalt, a 40-foot-long, 7-ton apex predator. In T. rex Generations, readers are reunited with Cobalt, now a father, as he protects a new generation of the most famous dinosaur of all, the T. rex. The adventure follows Cobalt's hatchlings as they navigate the wild and perilous lands of prehistoric Montana. With an entirely new cast of dangerous dinos (such as the formidable Dakota Raptor and armored Ankylosaurus) T. rex Generations features the latest science to showcase an epic tale of heroic proportions.

96 pages, 6.75 x 10.25, 30 hardcovers per case, PUR Casebound

ISBN 10: 1591522293
ISBN 13: 9781591522294


    Ted Rechlin's educational/documentary style takes readers back 66 million years to the late Cretaceous world, bringing a new pack of the dinosaurs to life like never before in a fun and exciting graphic novel format.

    • Stunning artwork based on the latest science.
    • A fun graphic novel that's exciting, educational, and appropriate for all ages.
    • Full-color illustrations engage readers ages 6 and up in a beautiful hardbound format.





T. rex Generations

T. rex Generations align=

Ted Rechlin align= Author and illustrator Ted Rechlin has been drawing pictures and telling stories since he was three years old. While his drawings have gotten much better, his stories haven't really changed much. They're still about superheroes, bears, wolves, sharks, monsters, and lots of dinosaurs. Ted feels very fortunate to live a life where he now gets paid to draw his pictures and tell his stories. He has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies like DC Comics and Dover Publications.

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