Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples

by Jeff Hart

illustrations by Jaqueline Moore

published by Montana Historical Society Press

  • Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples helps preserve the knowledge and wisdom of native plant use passed down through countless generations of the earliest Americans. The information was carefully gathered during interviews with Montana tribal elders by botanist Jeff Hart and the plants beautifully illustrated with the detailed drawings of Jacqueline Moore.

152 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, 60 illustrations, index, 48 softcovers per case, Perfect Bound

ISBN 10: 0917298292
ISBN 13: 9780917298295


    From Alder to Yellowbells, sixty native Montana plants are featured in this fascinating and informative guide, now in a new, easy-to-use format. Learn how Native Americans and other early inhabitants of the area used these plants for food, medicine, and religious rituals. Each illustrated entry also gives a detailed description of the plant and its habitat and range.





Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples

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Jeff Hart spent several summers in the 1970's in ethnobotanical research among Montana's Indian tribes, especially the few living "Old Ones," whose knowledge of the medicinal qualities of native plants assisted in the preparation of the text published here. The lore gathered from them was augmented by Hart's own professional training, which includes a B.A. in Environmental Biology and an M.A. in Botany. Since finishing this book, Hart has conducted botanical field work in South America and earned a PhD. in evolutionary biology from Harvard University.

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