Donald M. Jones' Wild Montana

by Donald M. Jones

photography by Donald M. Jones

text by Donald M. Jones

published by Farcountry Press

  • Wild Montana, featuring award-winning wildlife photographer Donald M. Jones, beautifully showcases wild creatures of his home state. Whether on two wings or four feet, none are too small for Jones to capture with his camera. He has photographed Montana's wild in the state's three main habitat zones: lush forests, craggy mountains, and open plains. His lifework, widely published in several photo books and national periodicals, come together in this gorgeous volume of candid images of Montana's wild creatures amid spectacular scenery. Humor, threat, glee, concentration, curiosity, inventiveness, and many more moods appear in these rich color images, which span species and seasons in the Northern Rockies. Jones' informative, and often humorous, captions offer a little natural history along with personal tales that allow the viewer to experience moments in the life of a wildlife photographer.

120 pages, 10 1/2'' x 10, 159 color photos, 16 hardcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1560377097
ISBN 13: 9781560377092

MARCH 2018


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Donald M. Jones' Wild Montana

I had the good fortune of finding a northern goshawk nest, but unfortunately they were already done nesting. Knowing that they usually use a particular nest only every two years, I realized it would be a long wait. When it finally happened, I waited until the chicks hatched, then set up a blind to work from to capture this photograph.
-from page 82

Sometimes I will set up a remote so I can work with a wider lens while not scaring the subject with my presence, like I did with this mountain bluebird. I first set up a fake camera made from wood and an old soup can and attached it to one of the many tripods I have purchased cheaply from pawnshops, in case they walk away. I leave the fake one up for a couple of days, then replace it with the real camera and trigger it from 50 to 100 feet away.
-from page 78

Three members of the Druid wolf pack keep this bull elk cornered in the river. On three occasions, the wolves let the bull leave the creek and make its way to the timber some 400 yards away, only to chase it back again to the river. On the fourth try, the elk managed to escape unharmed.
-from page 110

I think of this image of a large group of bighorn rams as "Band of Brothers" - moving in unison across the alpine slopes. The sheep kept heading my way, and I had to run ahead of them and then turn and shoot. Eventually they took off and ran by me, flanking me on both sides.
-from page 118

Donald M. Jones align= Award-winning wildlife photographer Donald M. Jones has called Montana home for over thirty-six years. An obsession that began as a young boy with binoculars swaying from his neck and a bird book wedged in his back pocket, off to find adventure where he could in suburban Chicago, eventually drew Don to the vast wilderness of Montana. Here, his overwhelming passion for the outdoors and photography led to living his dream as a full-time wildlife photographer since 1993. His work has taken him from the Artic to the deserts, from the swamps to the mountains, and everywhere in between - but his first love is for his home state, wonderfully diverse in its abundant wildlife and habitats.

All of Don's wildlife subjects are just that - wild - never confined to zoos or game farms. His work is authentic and his message is true to his heart, "Keep the wild in wildlife."

Don's work has been featured in a variety of publications including eleven photography books, over 800 magazine covers, with clients such as BBC, Sierra, Audubon, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, and Canadian Geographic, to name just a few.

Don resides in the small northwestern Montana town of Troy with Tess, his wife and best friend.

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