Faces of Local Food
Celebrating the People Who Feed Us

by Charlotte Caldwell

photography by Charlotte Caldwell

foreword by Bill McKibben

published by Locally Sourced, LLC

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Charlotte Caldwell's newest release, The Faces of Local Food: Celebrating the People Who Feed Us, is a collection of personal vignettes giving readers an intimate perspective into the lives of those people who contribute to a vibrant local food system. We step out of the grocery store to join fishermen, farmers, and ranchers on their boats and in their fields; into the kitchens of innovative chefs; into the warehouse of a local food hub; and we meet with other meaningful contributors and visionaries to hear their stories - their histories, motivations, experiences, challenges, and insights.

    The understanding gained from The Faces of Local Food will foster a paradigm shift in the way we consumers understand and value our local food producers, and will inspire us to buy local - supporting our health and our community simultaneously.

    • Features foreword from author/educator/environmentalist Bill McKibben
    • Features 50 profiles on the Lowcountry's biggest culinary influencers
    • Location serves as model and case study to illustrate methods that can be applied nationwide
    • Features 153 beautiful full-color images from author/photographer Charlotte Caldwell
    • Printed in the United States

232 pages, 9, 152 color photos, index, hardcover

ISBN 10: 1591522005
ISBN 13: 9781591522003






Faces of Local Food
Celebrating the People Who Feed Us

With nearly fifty acres under production, Rest Park Farm is one of the largest specialty crop farms that I visited. It's beautiful and historical with a rustic old barn at the property entrance, as well as the 1872 phosphate mine shed, which was moved to the farm in 1893. Adjacent to the shed is the rail spur from which the farm shipped its produce. Now abandoned, the rail spur will soon be converted to a Rails-to-Trails corridor connecting bikers and hikers from the coastal town of Beaufort to the farm, opening the door for agritourism.

Urbie explained the burdens that the FDA's 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act's (FSMA's) requirements can place on a small family farm. National food safety protocols are important, but much of the regulations and programs that fall under the act, like the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification system, were created to address food safety on industrial scale farms. An amendment to the bill by Montana Senator Jon Tester and North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan exempted producers who grossed under a half million dollars from the most burdensome requirements, provided those producers sell more than half their products directly to individual consumers, local retailers, or restaurants. Nevertheless, the challenges of compliance with FSMA and GAP are more difficult for a small farm with limited labor and a production shed over 150 years old than they are for larger, newer farms.

-from the chapter on Urbie West, Rest Park Farm

Charlotte Caldwell align= Author and photographer of Visions and Voices: Montana's One-Room Schoolhouses, Kirby's Journal: Backyard Butterfly Magic, The Cow's Boy: The Making of a Real Cowboy, and The Cow's Girl: The Making of a Real Cowgirl, Charlotte Caldwell uses her photography as a springboard for storytelling. In The Faces of Local Food, she combines her photography and writing to connect us to the hardworking and dedicated people producing our food, to reframe our perceptions about our food system, and to inspire us to purchase locally.

A native of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Charlotte is a graduate of Middlebury College and also holds master's degrees in environmental studies and special education. Charlotte and her husband, Jeffrey Schutz, divide their time between their home in historic Charleston, South Carolina, and their ranch in Montana.

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