Dinosaurs Live!
The Ultimate Coloring Adventure!

by Ted Rechlin

illustrations by Ted Rechlin

published by Farcountry Press

  • Bring the prehistoric world back to life in your own ultimate dinosaur coloring adventure. Dinosaurs Live! features wonderfully detailed and scientifically accurate coloring pages from acclaimed artist and dino-enthusiast Ted Rechlin (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Jurassic). Each page is jam-packed with amazing facts and coloring areas of your favorite dinosaurs as fossilized museum mounts and in their full glory as they triumphantly roamed the Mesozoic earth.

    Featuring thirty-one dinosaurs in prehistoric scenes and species ranging from famous favorites to more recently unearthed finds, Dinosaurs Live! is the perfect coloring adventure for dinosaur lovers of all ages.

64 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", 32 illustrations, 50 softcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1560377054
ISBN 13: 9781560377054



Tyrannosaurus Rex

Digging Up Dinosaurs





Dinosaurs Live!
The Ultimate Coloring Adventure!


Known as the "High-Spined Lizard" - named for the tall ridge of bones on its back - Acrocanthosaurus was North America's apex predator during the early Cretaceous period.

Acrocanthosaurus prowled the western U.S, terrorizing prey from Texas to Wyoming.

Surprisingly, fossils from this hunter have even been found on the east coast of North america as well.

It was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs ever. At forty feet long and weighing more than six tons, this meat-eater rivaled the famous T. rex in size.

Unlike the sail-backed Spinosaurs, Acrocanthosaurus' high vertebrae had large muscle attachments on the bones, meaning it had a thick ridge of muscle on its back, like a huge, meat-eating Bison.

The purpose of the muscular back ridge is unclear, but it certainly would have made Acrocanthosaurus an intimidating sight.

-from page 12

Ted Rechlin align= Author and illustrator Ted Rechlin has been drawing pictures and telling stories since he was three years old. While his drawings have gotten much better, his stories haven't really changed much. They're still about superheroes, bears, wolves, sharks, monsters, and lots of dinosaurs.

Ted feels very fortunate to live a life where he now gets paid to draw his pictures and tell his stories. He has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies like DC Comics and Dover Publications.

With four of his own educational children's books under his belt, Ted is excited about his newest release from Farcountry Press, the epic dinosaur coloring adventure Dinosaurs Live!

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