Grand Canyon National Park
A Cautionary Coloring Book

by Andy Robbins

illustrations by Andy Robbins

published by Caput Mortuum Books

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Color me cautious... or color me dead!

    Adventure awaits those who explore Grand Canyon National Park's desert rims, yawning canyons, and wild river rapids. But beware: the Grand Canyon is a place of extremes. From scorching sun that gives way to freezing blizzards, plateaus that abruptly end in vertical cliffs, and flash floods that rage through bone dry ravines, the Park can be a dangerous place for the unwary.

    Scenic Views!

    Intriguing Animals!

    Disturbing Facts!

    If there's a way to die in the Grand Canyon, you'll find it pictured here, ready for your coloring enjoyment. This coloring book also offers facts about the park and it's many animals (peaceful and otherwise) and even a few tips to help you stay alive during what hopefully isn't your last trip to America's only Wonder of the Natural World.

    This coloring book isn't for everyone! It depicts scenes of graphic violence including drowning, electrocution, traumatic head injury, and suicide. Recommended for mature colorists only!

    You've been warned!

32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", 100 softcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1591521890
ISBN 13: 9781591521891


Yellowstone National Park: A Cautionary Coloring Book





Grand Canyon National Park
A Cautionary Coloring Book

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Andy Robbins align= Andrew Robbins works as a professional artist from his home in northern Wyoming, where he produces mysterious paintings, non-therapeutic coloring books, and other projects of questionable worth.

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