Oh Look! Baby Loons!

by Fran West

photography by Fran West

published by F.C. West

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Those who have heard a loon’s eerie call or glimpsed a fluffy loon chick riding on its parent’s back will love F. C. West’s informative new photography book, Oh Look! Baby Loons! Fifty-five color images of life on an idyllic New Hampshire lake give readers a glimpse into the world of baby loons and their elegantly plumed parents. From eggs on a nest to first flight, follow along as these two lovable chicks go on outings about the lake, learn to fish, and grow, grow, grow. Educational text explains every step of the way, and a special section introduces readers to the other residents of the lake. Oh Look! Baby Loons! is a treasure for nature lovers young and old.

    As a summer dawn breaks over a northern lake, two distinctive calls echo across the water. First comes the unforgettable tremolo of a common loon, then the hoot of the common nature lover: “Oh, look! Baby loons!” Photographer and writer F. C. West, a nature lover herself, has produced Oh Look! Baby Loons!, a book that both delights and educates young readers about these beloved waterfowl.

    West’s 55 captivating color photographs put readers in the water beside the young birds—a rare treat, due to the birds’ shy nature. She captures cozy scenes most never get to see, from babies snacking while riding on their parents’ backs, to young ones mimicking their parents’ wing stretches, to a juvenile loon’s first takeoff. West also brings the loons’ habitat to life with beautiful scenic images of the surrounding forest and portraits of nearby wildlife. Entertaining and educational text accompanies the photographs, helping children understand the significance of each step in the chicks’ upbringing. Oh Look! Baby Loons! will appeal to curious nature lovers of all ages.

40 pages, 11'' x 8 1/2'', 53 color photos

ISBN 10: 0977667138
ISBN 13: 9780977667130


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Oh Look! Baby Loons!

Oh Look! Baby Loons! align=

Fran West align= Fran West is proud to have photography in her DNA. Many generations of her family, from her grandfather to her children, have embraced the craft as a career or serious hobby. Fran has been a professional photographer since 2008, with a focus on nature, macro, and travel. When she’s not in her kayak spotting the common loons or bald eagles in New Hampshire, she’s observing the many tiny miracles of nature right at her feet or traveling the world, capturing its incredible diversity.

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