Sam's Big Deer
Hunting Adventures With Sam West, Book One

by James Stearns

illustrations by Jason King

published by JSM Inc.

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Join us on a big adventure! Sam West and his best pal Pepper (just call him Pep!) don't get to go hunting in the big woods with Dad because everyone says they are still too small. But Sam thinks, "I can find a deer," and that is just what he plans to do! Follow along as the duo hike their way through the wild forests of their backyard, hoping to find a GREAT... BIG... DEER. Fully illustrated!

24 pages, 11

ISBN 10: 1591521637
ISBN 13: 9781591521631


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Sam's Big Deer
Hunting Adventures With Sam West, Book One

Sam's Big Deer align=

James Stearns align= James Stearns was raised in Eastern Montana. Growing up in Montana provided many opportunities for James to hunt, fish, and seek adventure in the outdoors. Excelling in studies and sport he graduated high school from Billings West and then college from Montana State University.

Off to find his fortune in business he moved to Seattle, Wa which ultimately took him to Australia where he had a successful Medical Device and Rugby career. With his continuing achievements he was able to parlay his earnings into seeking even greater adventure than he had found while growing up in Montana. Hunting adventures took him throughout much of the world. From hunting the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border at 17,000+ elevation in the dead of Winter to multiple trips to Sub-Saharan Africa to only name a couple of many places explored.

Eventually moving back to the U.S. and returning to his home state, James now resides in Southwestern Montana. Where he has carved out a small ranch and actively pursues the great adventures that Montana and the surrounding areas afford in abundance.

 align= Jason King is an illustrator and graphic designer who loves to make big stories come to life. From his home nestled in the heart of the West, he creates visual worlds filled with an honest sense of fun and adventure, with a bit of old-school flair.

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