Hopi House

by Christine Barnes

published by Farcountry Press

produced by WW West, Inc.

  • In January 1905, at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Hopi House opened within a few days of the grand opening across the courtyard of El Tovar Hotel. Hopi House was created to showcase the magnificent art of Southwest Native Americans and their ability to live in harmony with the environment. Hopi House, with historical and contemporary photographs, is a tribute to an ancient people, their traditions, history and artistic talent.

64 pages, 7 1/4, 37 b/w photos, 22 color photos, 8 illustrations, 48 hardcovers per case

ISBN 10: 972792171
ISBN 13: 9780972792172





Hopi House

"Visitors to Colter's other buildings felt as if they had stepped into another world: that of a hermit, a Hopi Indian, an explorer. At Watchtower, they stepped back in time. With the automobile now a popular form of transportation, Watchtower could be built far from the maddening crowds of the South Rim and Grand Canyon Village, and be enjoyed in relative solitude. Colter knew she wanted to recreate an ancient Indian tower, so she chartered a small plane to spot tower ruins, then rode in Harvy-provided cars to check them out. Her six months of research included extensive visits to Hovenweep National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park, where she found inspiration in the cliff dwellings, particularly Mesa Verde's Round Tower of Cliff Palace.

She sketched out the plan and built a clay model. A 70-foot wooden tower was constructed at the site, so Colter, now in her sixties could climb to the platform to make sure the site and height were correct. While the tower's inspiration was ancient, the tapered cylinder was built over a steel-frame structure on a concrete foundation. Local rock created a richly textured surface."

-from chapter two, Mary Colter Arrives

Christine Barnes align= Christine Barnes has written numerous books on historic lodges in the U.S. and Canadian national parks. She was the senior consultant and historian for the PBS television series based on her books, Great Lodges of the National Parks, Great Lodges of the National Parks Volume II, and Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies. Barnes is a two-time winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for best history book. A former newspaper editor, she is a graduate of Northwestern University.

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