The Cow's Girl
The Making of a Real Cowgirl

by Charlotte Caldwell

published by Barn Board Press

  • For aspiring cowgirls and cowboys, Charlotte Caldwell's new book, The Cow's Girl: The Making of a Real Cowgirl, will quickly become a favorite. Narrated by Olivia, a lovable Black Angus calf, the book follows a young girl through the seasons on her family's ranch, showing the chores she performs and the fun she has in between. As the Cow's Girl learns the skills it takes to become a real cowgirl, Olivia teaches readers about the tasks required to keep up the ranch and the health of its animals. Vivid descriptions and 76 beautiful, action-filled full-color photographs bring readers aged 7 to 9 into the exciting world of Olivia and the Cow's Girl.

40 pages, 11 3/4'' x 9'', 40 color photos, Paperback

ISBN 10: 1591521483
ISBN 13: 9781591521488





The Cow's Girl
The Making of a Real Cowgirl

The Cow's Girl align=

Charlotte Caldwell align= Raised on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Charlotte Caldwell graduated with a B.A. from Middlebury College, Vermont, in 1974. She went on to receive master's degrees in environmental studies and special education.

As a young adult, Charlotte spent many hours exploring the magic of photography and developing images in the darkroom. Today, she uses her photography as a springboard for storytelling in each of her books. With Visions and Voices, her images and prose tell the story of childhood, education, homesteading, the culture of the Western Frontier, and ultimately the story of the American Spirit. In both The Cow's Boy and its sequel The Cow's Girl, her photography is wedded to the prose of daily life, drawing a picture of childhood on a family-owned cattle ranch. The North American Nature Photographers Association chose ten of Charlotte's insect photographs from Kirby's Journal: Backyard Butterfly Magic (University of South Carolina Press, 2015) for presentation at their 2010 Annual Summit show.

Charlotte serves on the non-profit boards of Montana Preservation Alliance and The Nature Conservancy of Montana. In addition to hiking, golfing, traveling, and exploring, Charlotte and her husband, Jeffrey Schutz, love playing with their children, grandchildren, extended family and friends. They divide their time between their ranch outside Clyde Park, Montana, and their home in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

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