Unbroken Web
The Art of Ellen & Lucy Begay

by Gary Beaudoin

published by Gary Beaudoin

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Longtime art collector Gary Beaudoin gives readers a rare glimpse into the world of modern Navajo (or Dine) weavers in his book Unbroken Web: The Art of Ellen & Lucy Begay, produced by Sweetgrass Books. Beaudoin and the three generations of Begay weavers-grandmother Mary, mother Lucy, and daughter Ellen-celebrate the spirit of the Southwest in a profoundly personal way. The freshly redesigned work features nineteen exquisite wool textiles crafted by the Begay women, complete with notes about the inspirations and traditions behind the creation of each. Color photographs show the textiles, the weavers at work, and the timeless landscapes that have inspired their ancestors for centuries.

48 pages, 10 x 12, 60 color photos, 44 softcovers per case, Sewn Softcover

ISBN 10: 1-59152-131-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-131-0

July 2014





Unbroken Web
The Art of Ellen & Lucy Begay

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Gary Beaudoin has been collecting Navajo weaving for two decades. After careers in secondary education, construction management, and architectural review, he holds an appreciation for the variety of Navajo weaving designs and the weavers' ability to synthesize geometric images in to works of art. Beaudoin also enjoys backpacking, biking, and exploring the wilderness of the Northwest. This is his first book.

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