Appalachian Babies!

photography by Don Jones
Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinski
and Ann and Rob Simpson

  • Meet thirteen lovable baby animals from the Appalachian Mountains in Appalachian Babies! Delightful rhymes complement thirteen colorful and engaging photographs by some of the best wildlife photographers in the region. The photographs offer a rare treat: close-up views of animals at play in their natural habitat. A bobcat kitten peeps from a hiding spot, a deer fawn explores its forest home, and owlets snuggle in their nest. With this addition to the popular Babies! board book series, parents can introduce their young children to the baby animals of the Appalachians.

26 pages, 5 1/2, 13 color photos

ISBN 10: 1560376139
ISBN 13: 9781560376132

May 2014





Appalachian Babies!

Appalachian Babies! align=

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