Tulsa Impressions

by R.E. Lindsey

  • Situated on the edge of the Great Plains and the foot of the Ozarks, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the birth-place of Route 66, is considered by many to be the cultural and arts center of Oklahoma. Tulsa Impressions showcases the city's wide range of architectural design, from art deco to Greek Revival to contemporary, as well as its diverse cultural heritage. From museums to the famous Tulsa Ballet, the city is overflowing with art of all forms and serves as the metropolitan hub of eastern Oklahoma. A city with roots in the east, west, and south, Tulsa is unique in its heritage, captured in stunning color photography by R.E. Lindsey.

80 pages, 9 x 8 , 102 color photos, 50 softcovers per case, Smythe-sewn

ISBN 10: 1-56037-553-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-56037-553-1

July 2013





Tulsa Impressions

Tulsa Impressions align=

R.E. Lindsey has been taking pictures for most of his life. At age 7, Lindsey's dad gave him a used Kodak 35mm camera. He soon learned to load the film canisters, shoot a roll, load the developing can, and finally process the film in the family's kitchen darkroom. As a young adult, Lindsey's passion for photography grew. He wore out two 35mm bodies, stepped up to a Pentax 6x7 camera, and now shoots digitally on Nikon equipment.

Lindsey's first published images were for the Oklahoma Tourism Department. Since then, his work has appeared in coffee table books, textbooks, travel guides, scenic calendars, and postcards. Lindsey's classic images can be found on the walls of various corporate headquarters, the state capitol, and at Disney World. Lindsey is a regular contributor to Oklahoma Today magazine. "I strive to make my images show the perspective of a native Oklahoman who loves his state," says Lindsey. For more of Lindsey's photography, visit www.oklaphoto.com.

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