Destiny Team
Tragedy, Teamwork, and Triumph

by Patrick Hansen

photography by R. Dean Hendrickson

foreword by Rocky Erickson

published by Patrick Hansen

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Meet the Destiny Team—the ten players and manager of the 1939-1940 Sweet Grass High School boys varsity basketball team. There was nothing “bigger” in Big Timber, Montana, than boys basketball, and forwards MacLean Basket, Bob Deegan, Raymond Grande, and Charles Nicholson; guards Sam Duffy, John Boe, Stuart Ellison, and Kenneth O’Dell; Centers Emmett (Bud) Deegan and Bill Ellison; and student manager Don Cameron, were the town’s best chance at finally winning that state championship the Sheepherders had missed the year before. But in the middle of the greatest season the team had in years, tragedy would strike, from which the team might not recover. Here is a story of eleven young men who knew the value of hard work and practice, who continued to fight no matter the obstacles, and who grew in ways none of them ever thought possible.

174 pages, 5 b/w photos, 68 softcovers per case

ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-109-9

July 2012





Destiny Team
Tragedy, Teamwork, and Triumph

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Despite being born with spina bifida, Patrick Hansen has been involved with sports his whole life. Beginning in junior high school and continuing through high school and college, he has been a statistician for various sports. More recently, he has served as a sports announcer for home contests for the SGHS Sheepherders and is a member of the SGHS Hall of Fame.

Hansen has made several mission trips to foreign countries. His other books include Unto the Ends of the Earth; In the Days of Peleg; Sinai; and Edwin, The Elegant Elephant. He resides in Big Timber, Montana.

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