Aden's Thought of Many Colors

by Mary Dennis

illustrations by Monarca Merrifield

published by Prairie Winds Publications

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • A 2013 Independent Publisher notable
  • Aden is a lively little boy who likes to find the answers to the questions that he has. On this particular day, Aden overhears some fishermen talking, and what they are saying confuses him. After a few days of trying to figure it out for himself, Aden decides that he will ask someone who is always willing to listen and help. Auntie!!

    Auntie has the perfect solution to the question that he is trying to answer, and takes him on an adventure through the woods to a hidden place where some friends live. It will be those friends that will help Aden understand one of the most important lessons that he will ever learn.

    Adenís Thought of Many Colors is a story of hope and understanding, humor and insight, for readers of all ages.

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Aden's Thought of Many Colors

Aden's Thought of Many Colors align=

Mary Dennis align= Mary Dennis says, "I am a child at heart. I find beauty and wonder in all things. I live by the Optimistís Creed and the Golden Rule. I give back to the earth whenever I can, in thankfulness for its incredible beauty and sustenance. It gives without asking, without question. I believe that people are good, that the world is thriving, and that we are all loved. I believe that we are all connected and what affects one, affects us all. Expect goodness wherever you goÖand you will receive greatness in wonderful ways."

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