Discovering Central Asia
Its History, Geography, and Politics

by Donald Bedunah, Rick Graetz, Alexey Gunya, Spike Hampson, Marc S. Hendrix, Ardeshir Kia, Merhdad Kia, Alex Klaits, and James W. Sears

published by The University of Montana Press

produced by The University of Montana's Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center

  • DISCOVERING CENTRAL ASIA: ITS HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, AND POLITICS is a book as unique as the region it portrays and a first of its kind. The heart of Asia is just making its entrance on the world stage and this title from The University of Montana Press provides readers with a fascinating introduction!

    This work gathers the writings of ten university professors and brings alive, through words and photography all that is the heart of Asia.

    An introductory section gives the reader an in depth view of the physical, historical and cultural geography of Central Asia. Other chapters delve into the geologic history, human and wildlife habitat, the earliest history up through the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and an analysis of the cultural legacy, art history, and religious and ethnic traditions of Central Asia

    The last chapter discourse centers around the history and politics of Central Asia since the imposition of Soviet rule, the demarcation of the region into five distinct Soviet republics and the impact of the collapse of Soviet Union on each of the five countries.

382 pages

ISBN 10: 0-981576060
ISBN 13: 978-0-9815760-6-0

April 2012





Discovering Central Asia
Its History, Geography, and Politics

Discovering Central Asia align=

The authors are all professors or researchers and scholars with long term field experience and deep expertise and knowledge of this fascinating region.

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