Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park

photography by Sumio Harada

text by Kathleen Yale

published by Farcountry Press

  • Award-winning photographer Sumio Harada treks to the far reaches of Glacier National Park to document its iconic wild animal, the mountain goat. Harada has spent the last eighteen years studying and photographing these agile creatures, capturing rare and awe-inspiring images in each of Glacier's spectacular seasons. Experience the dramas that play out on the Park's knife-edge peaks among the Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park.

    Biologist and writer Kathleen Yale lends her sensitive and insightful writing to the book, detailing the fascinating behaviors of these unique animals, from the bliss of spring to the challenges of winter.

80 pages, 9 1/8'' x 8 1/8'', 84 color photos, 50 softcovers per case, Smythe-sewn

ISBN 10: 1560374721
ISBN 13: 9781560374725


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Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park

Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park align=

 align= Sumio Harada was born in Japan. He studied biology at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. During 1987 to 1989, Sumio spent 18 months in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the U.S. photographing mountain goats. These photos earned him the Anima Award, given to a single distinguished wildlife photographer each year in Japan.

His images have been published in National Geographic, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Canadian Wildlife, GEO, Montana Magazine, and in many Japanese magazines and books.

Sumio now lives in West Glacier, Montana, with his wife, Kumi, and daughter, Moyu.

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