Asheville Impressions

photography by Bob Schatz

foreword by Fred Chappel

published by Farcountry Press

  • Schatz presents 117 photographs of this bustling city nestled in the mountains. Schatz's images convey the city's brilliant landscapes and cityscapes, large and small, from the utterly unique public art along the Urban Trail to the fabulous architecture found throughout the city, from autumn foliage glowing in every hue to whitewater kayaking on the Nantahala River, from festively lit downtown street scenes to a tranquil pond on the Biltmore Estate.

80 pages, 9 1/8'' x 8 1/8'', 118 color photos, 50 softcovers per case, Smythe-sewn

ISBN 10: 1560374322
ISBN 13: 9781560374329


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Asheville Impressions

"The Biltmore Forest School trained students in forestry science and business. Founded in 1898, it was the nation's first forestry school, and now the site is called the Cradle of Forestry. Handwashed laundry hangs on the railing at a forestry lodge, modeled after architecture used in Germany's Black Forest. These outposts were located at strategic points where rangers could watch for wildlife poachers and timber thieves."
-from page 24

"The Basilica of Saint Lawrence is the only church designed and built by the renowned architect Rafael Gustavino (whose crypt is found at the back of the chapel), in collaboration with R. S. Smith. The unique Spanish renaissance architecture of this Holy Roman Catholic Church features immense stone foundations and a solid brick superstructure, with a remarkable freestanding curved dome. Not a single beam of wood or steel supports the structure, completed in 1909. Ever wall, floor, ceiling, and pillar is of tile or other masonry materials, including the striking domed roof which has a protective copper cover. Nearly ever stained-glass window came from Germany."
-from page 14

 align= During his 25 years as a commercial photographer, Bob Schatz has produced images for numerous publications, including Elle, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic Traveler, the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, and PC Week. He has produced advertising and corporate photography for a variety of clients. His photographs have won several regional and national awards.

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