Grand Canyon
A Photographic Journey

photography by Larry Lindahl

published by Farcountry Press

  • Enjoy an intimate look at one of America's grandest and most iconic national parks. Within these pages you'll discover many of the trails, wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, creeks, and impressive geologic features of the Grand Canyon.

80 pages, 8.125 x 9.125 inches, 100 color photos

ISBN 10: 1-56037-843-3
ISBN 13: 9781560378433

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Grand Canyon
A Photographic Journey

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Larry Lindahl aims to inspire people with his vibrant, engaging, and thoughtful photography. With over thirty years of experience, he has collected a diverse portfolio from his Grand Canyon backpacking excursions, day hikes, and river trips.

One of his favorite adventures was hiking from the South Rim to the Colorado River without a trail. His party started from the remote Point Huetzl on a five-day outing to access Elves Chasm in unhurried solitude to photograph the enchanted waterfall.

In the course of his other adventures, Larry has rowed an 18-foot oar boat the 225-mile length of Grand Canyon. He has summited Cheops Temple, canyoneered the length of Phantom Creek, explored the Thunder River cave, and slept on Shiva Temple always seeking the perfect photograph.

Outdoor Photographer magazine praised his passion for both photography and the natural world, saying that he 'works to tune in to the emotions elicited by a place in order to shape the photographs he makes of it.'

His images have been featured in several books about the Grand Canyon including Lasting Light: 125 Years of Grand Canyon Photography, Grand Canyon: The Vault of Heaven, and Grand Reflections.

His photography reflects his individual relationship with the landscape and is published in magazines such as Backpacker, American Archaeology, Conde Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Magazine, Der Spiegel, Southwest Art, and Arizona Highways.

He has completed several award-winning books that honor the ancient Native American sites of the Southwest, Sedona, Route 66, and national parks and national monuments of the Four Corners region.

Larry currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, which has been his home for over thirty years. To learn more about his photography, visit

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