Most Trout Don't Read
Lessons from Time on the Water

by Scot Bealer
and Lea Frye

photography by Lea Frye

published by Scot Bealer

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Contrary to popular belief, trout are not intellectuals! However, they are keen observers of their environment and well attuned to the elements important to their survival. If you plan on chasing them with a fly rod, you need to learn how to pay attention to those details. True mastery of the sport isn't about memorizing lots of facts, but rather having a sense of curiosity and spending time out on the water.

    Scot leads you on a journey of discovery, recalling occasions when he, or sometimes his clients, learned important lessons. His stories are warm, funny, and full of great advice to improve your skills and better enjoy your time on the water. His comments on gear, guides, and other aspects of the sport are based on decades of practical experience.

    The images from Lea's camera bring Scot's stories to life and will leave you yearning to get out there. If you enjoy fly fishing, being outdoors, or just want to learn more, you will love this book.

184 pages, 7 x 8 inches, 124 color photos

ISBN 10: 1591523419
ISBN 13: 9781591523413

January 2024





Most Trout Don't Read
Lessons from Time on the Water

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Scot's background includes teaching, guiding, and even a stint as the head instructor at the L.L. Bean Fly Fishing School. He has fished all over the country and introduced hundreds of people to the sport of fly fishing. He currently lives with his wife, Lea Frye, in Helena, Montana. When he's not out on the water fishing, Scot splits his time between helping Lea with her wildlife photography and working as an instructor in the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 'Hooked on Fishing' program.

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Lea Frye is a wildlife photographer based in Helena, Montana. The bulk of her work is done while exploring her backyard, which comprises lakes, valleys, prairies, and streams of the Rocky Mountains. Her philosophy on wildlife photography is to capture wild animals in their natural habitat—the landscapes where they roam—bringing to life the essence of the animal and its behaviors as seen in nature. To see more of Lea's photography, visit her website.

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