Logging for the Company
Marcus Daly and Flume Logging Near Anaconda, 1883-1917

by Jack Losensky

published by Jack Losensky

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • The fascinating history of flume logging that shaped the Copper City

    Anaconda, Montana, in its earliest beginnings, was built and held together in no small measure by the enterprising flume loggers who worked and lived there—as well as by the business moguls like Marcus Daly who employed them. But the flume logging business was legally complex and frequently physically and financially demanding. To stay afloat, flume loggers employed technological innovations, lateral thinking, and—on occasion—a little legal creativity in order to stay profitable. This deep dive into the most formative days of Anaconda contains the fruits of a wealth of historical research, as well as illustrative photographs, maps, excerpts from old newspaper articles, and much more. Enjoy this valuable historical look into the early days of flume logging in Anaconda that would help it grow into the political powerhouse that would soon change the fate of the Treasure State.

192 pages, 8.5 x 11, 44 b/w photos, 65 color photos, 17 map(s), appendix, 32 softcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1-59152-337-0
ISBN 13: 9781591523376

February 2024





Logging for the Company
Marcus Daly and Flume Logging Near Anaconda, 1883-1917

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Brownie John 'Jack' Losensky grew up in the historic southeastern portion of Pennsylvania, where he gained his love of local history. Moving west after graduating from Penn State with a master's degree in Forest Ecology, he spent the next thirty-five years of his life working for the National Forest Service. His specialty became historic vegetation and fire history. After retiring, he became interested in the Mt. Haggin history and spent the next 20 years tracing the old flume paths and cabin remains. He and his wife Barbara live in Hamilton, Montana, along with their dog, Sam.

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