Montana Me
Stories from a Life Outdoors

by Marilyn Mitzi McDowell Stonehocker

published by Marilyn Mitzi McDowell Stonehocker

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • When Marilyn "Mitzi" McDowell Stonehocker was due to be born, her mother flew a small airplane from the then-territory of Alaska to Montana, where Marilyn would spend her childhood in the cabin her father had built. The family's subsequent decades in the Montana wilderness invited adventures in wildlife and outdoor living, ranging from her game warden father shooting the bear whose pelt would inspire the now-iconic design on the Fish, Wildlife & Parks patch to Marilyn's traversal of intense snowstorms and many tense bear encounters. She learned a lot about hunting, heart, and safety along the way, and is happy to share what she has learned in her new memoir.

160 pages, 6 x 9, Softcover

ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 978-1-591252-317-8


    * Original recipes from Marilyn and her family throughout the book.

    * Numerous original photographs throughout.





Montana Me
Stories from a Life Outdoors

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Marilyn <q>Mitzi<q> McDowell Stonehocker align= Marilyn "Mitzi" McDowell Stonehocker was born in Montana and spent her early life learning to hunt, cook, and survive in the wilderness. She was later employed as a camp cook for a guided big game hunting program. She now resides in Missoula, MT.

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