April 2009:
Spring has sprung!
We’d like to celebrate this first full month of spring by spotlighting our Born Wild series, featuring beautiful photography of baby wild animals. Be sure to meet our featured photographer Tom Till, send in your best caption in our monthly contest, and more!

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Born Wild series
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Born Wild in ColoradoBorn Wild in Glacier National ParkBorn Wild in Montana - Yee ha!Born Wild in ShenandoahBorn Wild in the SmokiesBorn Wild in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park

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The Winning Caption

Prairie Dog by Donald M. Jones, Montana Wildlife PortfolioThe winning caption text:

Photo of prairie dog by Donald M. Jones, Montana Wildlife Portfolio.

We’ll be sending Kitti McConnell of LaVergne, Tennessee, a copy of the book of her choice from www.FarcountryPress.com.

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Want to Win a Free Book?

Think you’re clever? Prove it! Email us a witty, chuckle-inducing caption for this photo of burrowing owls by Lee Kline in Colorado Wildlife Portfolio. If we pick your caption, we’ll send you a copy of the book of your choice from www.FarcountryPress.com—as well as feature your caption in next month’s newsletter.

Burrowing owls by Lee Kline, Colorado Wildlife PortfolioSend us your caption for this photo and win a free book!

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Featured Author

Clockwise from top left; Featured author Tom Till, cover of New Jersey Impressions, and interior spread from New Jersey Impressions.Meet Tom Till, photographer for the newly released New Jersey Impressions.

“When I started shooting in New Jersey, Johnny Carson was still on TV. One night I was amazed to see him hold up a calendar with my cover shot on the air! My photo was on Johnny Carson! However, the honor was a little dubious: The name of the calendar was Wild and Scenic New Jersey, and as Carson was doing a “bit” about silly but real calendars. The audience went wild with laughter at the very idea of “wild and scenic New Jersey.” Well, anybody who knows anything about the Garden State knows that’s a cheap shot and that New Jersey is a beautiful place. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to change people’s minds about the state, and hopefully this new book will help.”

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Our 2009 catalog is now available! Click HERE for a copy.

Photo by Donald M. Jones.

Meet the staffNAME: Nancy MacBride
JOB TITLE: Customer Service, Royalties, Accounts Receivable
She’s traveled to every state except one (Vermont), as well as 3 continents. (What do you have against Vermont, Nancy?)

She’s lived in Kentucky, Texas, Colorado, and Montana (in that order).

Nancy has 5 children—3 human, 2 canine.

She brings delicious homemade rolls to virtually every office potluck. Yum!

The Buzz Header
Best of Show
Charles Fritz won the Jurors' Best of Show at the C. M. Russell Art Winning painting by Charlie FritzAuction in Great Falls, Montana, on March 20 with his 36-by-42-inch oil titled "Glacier Park at the Iceberg Notch." Fritz is the author of Charles Fritz: 100 Paintings Illustrating the Journals of Lewis and Clark, available May 1.

Click here to read the article.

New Releases
Montana Magazine Calendar
Cover of Montana Magazine Calendar
Montana Wildlife Calendar
By Donald M. Jones
Cover of Montana Wildlife Calendar

New Jersey Impressions

By Tom Till
Cover of New Jersey Impressions

Coming in April
Memphis Impressions
By Bob Schatz
Cover of Memphis Impressions

February Bestsellers
1. Who Pooped in the Black Hills?
2. Who Pooped in the Park?     Grand Canyon NP
3. Who Pooped in the Sonoran     Desert?
4. Who Pooped in the Park?     Yellowstone National Park
5. Big Bend National Park     Impressions

 ForeWord Magazine names Glacier National Park: The First 100 Years a finalist in the regional book category of its Book of the Year Awards.

More than 1,400 books were entered in 61 categories. These were narrowed to 668 finalists from 376 publishers.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners will be announced at a special program at BookExpo America in New York City on May 30.

Save the Date Header
Book Signings
March 28, 12-2
Costco, Palm Desert, CA
Tom Brewster signs his book Portrait of Palm Springs

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