Four Seasons of Wildlife
Montana and Yellowstone

by G. Vince Fischer

published by G. Vince Fischer

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Although Vince Fischer spent his life working in finance and banking, friends and family will tell you that at heart he's a photographer.

    And at 85, Fischer decided it was time that 40 years worth of photographs of Montana and Yellowstone National Park needed to be shared in a book.

    Although he's traveled to Denali National Park, as well as the African countries of Kenya and Tanzania, Vince Fischer says that Montana and Yellowstone remain his favorite places to visit and photograph. "In my opinion, this part of our country is the greatest spot on earth."

    Fischer has organized the book by season, beginning with a frost-covered bison in Yellowstone in winter. Spring brings a trio of fox pups and a parade of other adorable baby animals, from moose calves to bighorn lambs. A grizzly sow and her three cubs are the highlights of the summer section, which also includes shots of elusive mountain lions. The rut dominates the fall chapter, with pronghorns battling on the prairie and regal bull elk guarding their harems.

80 pages, 11 x 8 1/2, 142 color photos, 40 softcovers per case

ISBN 10: 1-59152-079-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-079-5

August 2011





Four Seasons of Wildlife
Montana and Yellowstone

Four Seasons of Wildlife align=

G. Vince Fischer align= Vince Fischer grew up in Hall, Montana. After serving in the Navy, he enrolled at the University of Montana, where he met Suzanne Grove; they were married in 1950 and raised three boys. After a forty-year-long career in finance and banking---the last sixteen as president of the Montana Bank in Butte---Vince became interested in wildlife photography. His travels have taken him to such locations as Denali National Park in Alaska and Kenya and Tanzania in Africa, but his favorite photographic subject is the wildlife of Southwest Montana.

Praise for Four Seasons of Wildlife: Montana and Yellowstone

"Although Vince spent thirty-five years as a banker in Butte, serving the last sixteen as president, he is probably just as well known around this area as a wildlife photographer. He has turned a hobby into an art. The striking images in this book tell a great story."
-Walter Hinick, photo editor, Montana Standard

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